Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I recently read this and have gotten permission to pass it on to the HAA.

Most of us paint first and title last.  Sometimes, about the middle, a title just pops out of the cobwebs of your mind. A few of us get a title in our heads and figure out the work to go with it.  Particularly with whimsical and didactic art, this last system is worth considering.  The right title makes a difference as to how a work is seen and understood.  Not only are titles a bridge to the viewer, they are also a part of the art.  Give your titles careful thought.

There are five main kinds of titles: Sentimental, Numerical, Factual, Abstract and Mysterious.  Artists do well to set up their work and run them by a series of title possiblities.  Ask yourself, "What am I truly saying here?"  Consider the implications of your proposed titles and how they might add or subtract from your purposes.

Abstract art can present titling challenges.  The formal value of the work itself my be mentioned....e.g., Red on Blue. Titling can also give viewers a clue that might help them on a voyage of the imagination and discovery.