Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Evolution is a part of life and existence. It seems nature does not evolve unless there is a need. Consider the shark. It has been around for 250 million years and unchanged for most of that time. But sadly, other material things continually evolve even if we would have them stay as is.
I did an art show two weeks ago in Ocean City. The visible evidence of unwanted evolution was everywhere. Sixteen years ago doing this show made you a part of 250 or more vendors in two huge display areas broken down into ‘crafts’ and ‘fine art’. The current show had less than 75 total vendors with arts and crafts mixed together. The interest in art seems to be shrinking. It is hard to understand why it happens. Complacency?  The economy?  It would be impossible to pinpoint why interests peak and fade. Still it is sad to watch the world push art aside so technology may flourish.  Can’t we co-exist?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The first week of the New Year and I find myself sitting at my desk, going through 15-20 small pieces of paper about 2-3 inches in size and wondering what I may have been thinking when I wrote the cryptic little notes.

I am sure everyone does it.  Get a thought. Jot it down on whatever scrap is handy and then shove it in my pocket.  Eventually the note ends up on my desk only to come back and haunt me weeks or months later.

What was I thinking? What was I doing? What?

These little bits of reference material once had a urgency.  The creative memory is fickle and needs to be kept fresh.  If you sieze the day and act upon your thoughts timely, you will find your creative ideas are more sure and strong.