Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hello Harford artists………A special note to the two dimensional and three dimensional artists in the county and especially those in the Bel Air area.  The mall at Festival has had many different stores. Times has brought a little bit of everything in and out. However, now there is a sign announcing an A C Moore will be moving into the mall.
Good, good. Many of the Michael’s and A.C. Moore products overlap, but not all. And, sales competition is good for business and can be good for the artist looking to get the best price on materials. No date as to start and completion of the store, but at least we are advised it is in the works.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A patron friend, some years ago, began talking about her own art. She had spent several years making small pieces of jewelry and thought she might try and sell at an art show. Thus began our journey of getting her ready.  Creating a few things for friends is a whole lot different than holding yourself ‘out there’ and shouting “Here I am”.
We encouraged her, forwarding all show information, helping her design business cards and even helping with a tabletop design. Still she had self doubt and was afraid. Always she had what she considered a very good reason for waiting a bit longer.
Well you can only push so much so we backed away a bit giving her space. We did ask that when she finally decided it was time, to please let us know.
Guess what! I got an Email last week, rather long, that was filled with surprise; delight a little pain but a great deal of enthusiasm. She had actually done her first art show, very small but she had put herself out there and immediately indicated signs of being hooked into the art life and show circuit.
It has been said that work is not work when the work is loved. Bet me. Long days, grinding conditions and opinionated customers are just a part of an art show and while you may love it, there is an awful lot of work.   

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My calendar says today I am going to blog.The word blog sounds a bit disgusting but seems to work with everybody's vocabulary.
I do ten to twelve art shows a year and meet about 1000 people per show. When you take these numbers back 20 years the total 'new friends' probably exceeds 100,000. And yet, folks will approach you smiling and say "We bought one of your pieces in 1999. Do you remember?'
The issue is memory and what you do with it. I find that if I answer too quickly with a 'NO' I have lost them and any possible current or future sales. But taking an extra couple of minutes and asking them to help me remember often leads to good feelings all around............